Men’s Presentation
Spring-Summer 2014

For its Summer 2014 Collection, Fratelli Rossetti evokes the atmosphere of Capri in the 50s, drawing on the Dolce Vita for inspiration. The 50s were a time of rebirth that marked a return to craftsmanship throughout Italy, boosting the “Made in Italy” reputation.
Nine models are being presented at Milan’s Moda Uomo fashion event. All of them feature woven craftsmanship and the colour blue. Evergreen models, such as the iconic Brera with its legendary tassels match with the loafer with a band, the derby, and the Oxford. The weaving and colours recall the geometric effects and shades typical of Mediterranean houses, and the atmospheres of Capri in the 50s.

The theme of the collection interprets the style of the day, while bringing it up to speed with the present. It features an elegant, out-of-the-ordinary man able to dare with accessories. The 50s were a time that made a break with the fashions of the past: for the first time, attention to details and features made their mark.

In showcasing the new techniques, such as the art of weaving, the introduction of new materials and a constant declaration of Italian craftsmanship, Fratelli Rossetti firmly places the emphasis on the details.