Men's Presntation
Fall-Winter 2014

The Fratelli Rossetti man looks towards the heart of Europe. Elegant and sophisticated, he recalls the noble splendor, with a new and contemporary twist. Classic and austere, without losing his taste for detail and quality.
Six models are being presented at Milano Moda Uomo, all of which feature the hammered leather with a clearly visible grain.
A hint of Central Europe features in the brand new boot with double buckles and laces.
The option of wearing the buckles open, in keeping with the dictates of the shabby-chic philosophy, softens the military style. The sole is made of rubber and is attached to the welt with visible stitching.
There is no shortage of timeless models, such as the iconic Brera with its legendary tassels; the moccasin loafer with a band, and the English-style derby. Thanks to the embossed structure of the leather, the three models take on a strong, well-defined appearance.
Last but not least are the classics, such as the derby and the Wilson ankle boot, where the refined design created by the perforations is teamed with a rugged-look rubber sole.
Understatement is also reffered to the collection colors: blacks, grays and burgundies prevail, and are created in such a way as to obtain a special antique-effect. Each shoe is hand-brushed to bring out the color which is bright and full of nuances.