Masters’ Hands
G. Gastel and G. Taroni

Initiated in January 2011 with an exhibition of previously unshown photographs by Ferdinando Scianna, Fratelli Rossetti’s “Master’s Hands” operation continues in September 2011 with a new show centred around an aesthetic and cultural concept that is even more precise, just as original and in reality unexpected.
The idea is to deal in a different way with the concepts of innovation and tradition, fundamental values of the historic Lombard company, through very special “portraits” of hands made by two Italian photographers working together: the same noble origins, the same family lineage, the same elegance, almost the same initials, the same cultural and educational base, but two generations, two distinct personalities, with opposing visions and different sensibilities and two contrasting photographic treatments.
A first-time collaboration, almost a challenge, between the “great uncle” Giovanni Gastel, 56, and his young nephew, Guido Taroni Gastel, 23.
Two “kids” at heart who chose photography as a means of expressing themselves, playing, working, recounting, fascinating and involving people, each in his own way.
Each one takes the right role using his own codes: Giovanni, intellectual and aristocrat, a longstanding champion of innovation which he introduced into his world of refined elegance, represents the essence of his subjects and their Italian hands “that make” through a crisp, almost abstract gaze and with an ironic smile, attitude or gesture that at times borders on the cynical.
Young Guido has never let himself be enchanted by technology. Passionate and naturally attracted by the past, by wrinkles, roots and “scars” of existence, he recounts the lives and the hands of the people he photographs with emotion, portraying them in their surroundings in a nearly classical, often melancholic manner, as if he has already seen it all.
A very high level encounter with a “crossover” result that is a fascinating illustration of the values of the Fratelli Rossetti company, which once again underscores its artistic and cultural vocation.
The hands of the subjects photographed by Giovanni are all creative, often famous, and also of friends: Vanessa Beecroft, Cecilia Chailly, Marta Ferri, Angela Carrubba Pintaldi, Barbara Rocco di Torrepadula, Piero Castellini, Fabio Cammarata, Jean Blanchaert, Giorgio Forattini, Matteo Ceccarini, Barnaba Fornasetti, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Giovanni Allevi, Davide Oldani.
The people chosen by Guido are other old “friends,” many of them artisans, gardeners, people of the land and sea who have always been part of his life: Graziella Cantinotti, Renata Marelli (Madame Pot), Giusy Bresciani, Antonella Ghisimberti, Angela Riva, Giulia Maria Crespi and Fanny Paravicini Crespi, Andrea, Gerardo, Mastro Ditto, Giancarlo Roncalli, Niccolò Reverdini, Paolo Pejrone.
The preview of the photography exhibition will take place during Women’s Fashion week in September in the Fratelli Rossetti Gallery in Piazza San Carlo 2. Later, from 29 September to 9 October, it will be entirely open to the public from 10.00 am to 8.30 pm in the Napoleon’s rooms of Palazzo Serbelloni in Corso Venezia 16 in Milan.
As a thank you to the people photographed for the show, Fratelli Rossetti has decided to set up a scholarship on their behalf at the Istituto Tecnico Professionale Bernocchi of Legnano so as not to lose their artisanal know-how and to pass it on to our young people.