It was the Seventies when Renzo Rossetti first invented the first “ no socks” shoe, for which he replaced the leather lining with one made of towelling.
It was a novel idea which fitted in with the “provocations” of the designers of the day, who had embarked on the daring idea of eliminating the vests worn by men under their shirts.
YACHT was the name Renzo Rossetti gave this revolutionary shoe, highlighting the concept of making men’s attire more free and casual.
Today, YACHT makes its return in a contemporary guise with a more tapered silhouette. But it still retains all the features that have defined it for almost half a century: the breathable green towelling lining, the thin, ultra-light sole and the soft insole. The colours of the spring-summer 2013 collection are classic white/blue and white/red characteristic shades of the summer season.
“We are proud to support the tradition of Italian footwear – say Diego, Dario and Luca Rossetti – by giving a new lease of life to the cult models that helped make the history of our trends. In creating the YACHT range, our father was the first to open up the way for research into footwear created for different needs. Because a certain world always walks in Rossetti”.