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Yacht, the First Sockless Shoe

YACHT is the Fratelli Rossetti loafer that has revolutionized the history of Italian style, paving the way for informal footwear. Today YACHT, after “travelling” all over the world, is made with new techniques and takes inspiration from a more cosmopolitan mood: Fratelli Rossetti presents 5 new models, all strictly “sockless”, in other words designed to be worn without socks.

The YACHT model was invented in the late ’60s and early ’70s when Renzo Rossetti, founder of the Company, interpreting the period’s sense of freedom, created the first “sockless” shoe: the presence of a terry lining rather than a leather lining made it fresh, lightweight, perfect for summer and for a more relaxed style. This truly original model was associated with the “provocations” of the designers of the time, who started to take a more daring approach.

YACHT is the name that Renzo Rossetti, gave these shoes, emphasizing his wish to make the male wardrobe freer and more casual. Almost half a century after its launch, YACHT reconfirms its ability to reinvent itself and evolve by taking travel as a new source of inspiration.