A new look for Fratelli Rossetti e-boutique

A brand new look has been given to the Fratelli Rossetti e-boutique, where customers can buy all of the label’s best-selling products, including footwear, bags and accessories for men and women. Terashop manages the new platform. The e-boutique is now an innovative digital venue that highlights the brand’s exceptional nature through imagery, videos, family stories and original looks suggestions.

The graphics, contents and features have been completely overhauled. The new design is responsive, modern and user-friendly but fratellirossetti.com colours and layout still reflect the brand’s quintessential style. A makeover, but true to the brand’s DNA.

The Homepage has been designed to provide easier access to the e-shop and give an instant overview to the brand’s ongoing events. In the Collections section, there is a new interactive catalogue that allows customers to browse and instantly buy products. A new Blog Section highlights a new social media friendly approach and suggests looks realised by young trendsetters.

Renzo Rossetti founded Fratelli Rossetti in 1953, after a brief venture in the world of sports footwear. Although Renzo died in 2010, he passed to his sons Diego, Dario and Luca, all the passion and pride in his work. The three brothers have been at the helm of the company since 2003. All the company shares are owned by the Rossetti family and the headquarters remain in Parabiago, an important footwear-manufacturing centre in Lombardy, Italy. For more than 60 years the Fratelli Rossetti label has been internationally renowned.

With decades of experience in e-commerce and a proprietary platform under constant development, Terashop can provide customized, cutting-edge solutions that are tailored to its customers’ needs, helping them to create online stores, open new national and international markets, boost customer loyalty and sell products and services.