New Artisan Event: ONE SAILS

In Verona, Fratelli Rossetti is set to host the latest event in the New Artisan project, an idea conceived in 2016 with the aim of boosting the visibility of Italian and international brands with a passion for hand-crafted items. The event is set for 24 October 2017, in the boutique in Via Mazzini 2, and will be showcasing One Sails, a local artisan sailmaker that produces a wide range of sails for yachts, super yachts and one-design boats, as well as custom items and items for vintage boats. Thanks to the experience of the One Sails team and the quality of the products, the company successfully exports its brand of Italian craftsmanship worldwide.

The Verona event is just one date on an impressively varied calendar. The key theme for the 2017 season of the New Artisan project is sport, in honour of Fratelli Rossetti’s origins. The March event, held in Bologna, saw the presentation of IRD fixed-gear bicycles, while in Milan, in April, the spotlight was on covering materials by Mumble Mumble. These were followed in May by a key date in New York, featuring baseball, basketball and football balls crafted by hand by Leather Head Sports, and the summer event held in Genoa in collaboration with the expert manufacturers Twinsbros Surfboards.

The last stage of the New Artisan tour for 2017 will be held in Turin, and this winter event will be focused on Made to Measure skis.

Fratelli Rossetti will once again be joining forces with Franciacorta to support and promote the outstanding quality of Italian products, and at each “New Artisan” event, visitors will have the chance to sample a different type of Franciacorta wine, selected to reflect the distinctive features of the craft businesses and the host cities. The choice for this occasion is Franciacorta Rosé: vigorous, classy and full of energy, just like sails unfurling in the wind.