New Artisan Event: BabauLab

Fratelli Rossetti presents the last New Artisan event in Milan, which will take place at 6.30 pm on Thursday 1st December 2016 in the boutique at 1 Via Montenapoleone. An international edition of the project is being launched for 2017. The craft toys start-up Babau Lab will be the star not only of the event but also of Fratelli Rossetti shop windows worldwide for the entire festive period.

During the event, all 8 Franciacorta Magnums dedicated to the previous “New Artisans” will be on display together for the first time. They have been painted by hand by the artist Chiara Foglieni and they are now up for auction at to raise money for the “Amici di Sean” Association. The auction will end on 2 December 2016 (the day after the event). For details, see here:

New Artisan is an initiative by Fratelli Rossetti to promote new talents from highly creative businesses who use manual craft processes to make items that are usually industrially manufactured. It has been organized in partnership with Franciacorta. In keeping with the outlook of the initiative, the events are showcasing wineries run by enterprising young figures who have chosen a career in the wine world. This special evening will be accompanied by the Franciacorta wines of all of the wineries that have taken part in the project: Vigna Dorata, Biondelli, Bosio, Enrico Gatti, La Rotonda, Santa Lucia, Castelveder, and Ronco Calino.

Babau Lab is an “ethical” workshop that was founded in 2014 by product designer Edoardo Colzani and web designer Matteo Citterio. It is based in Brianza: the land of woodwork. The concept behind Babau Lab is to make the most of the local traditional heritage and present a fresh twist on it by producing toys for children, with the aim of ensuring that the games enjoyed by previous generations are not forgotten.
Babau Lab’s creations are Made in Italy and they can be seen at They offer a combination of unique designs, educational ideas, interaction and fun, using nothing but high-quality, environmentally friendly and recyclable materials.

The “Amici di Sean” (“Friends of Sean”) Association was established to help Sean Hadfield and other young people living with paralysis. Sean is now 24 years old. When he was 9, he suffered a complete spinal cord lesion which means he is no longer able to move by himself and has to use a wheelchair. The main aim of the Association is to help Sean and lots of other young people with spinal cord injuries to enjoy a better quality of life and benefit from appropriate care and assistance with all aspects associated with partial and complete paralysis.

Fratelli Rossetti was founded in 1953 by the visionary genius Renzo Rossetti in Parabiago, just outside Milan. At the time, a national fashion industry was just beginning to develop in Italy. The company is now run by the brothers Diego, Luca and Dario from the second generation of the family. With their dedication and devotion, they have taken the company to its 60th anniversary and beyond, with a constant focus on quality at all times. Over the years, the brand has become synonymous with style in Italy and across the globe. It embodies the values of unparalleled craftsmanship.

Franciacorta was the first Italian wine made exclusively with the traditional method of second fermentation in the bottle to be awarded DOCG (Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin) labelling, the highest form of recognition of its kind in Italy. In little more than 50 years, the devotion and dedication of its producers have made it into an exceptionally high-quality product and a prestigious “ambassador” of Italian style. As well as a wine, Franciacorta is an entire area waiting to be explored and it is less than an hour from Milan, the Italian fashion capital. It is in the heart of Lombardy and looks out over the shores of Lake Iseo. It boasts invaluable cultural, historical and natural heritage, which is dotted across a spellbinding green backdrop of gently rolling hills with ancient morainic origins.