Men’s Collection
Fall Winter 2017-18

Milan, January 2017 – Fratelli Rossetti gets swinging with a sophisticated and elegant collection for next fall/winter that catch the rhythm of 1940s style revisited in a contemporary way. Understated, minimalist allure is combined with meticulous research into materials and significant work on forms.

Craftsmanship takes centre stage and the spotlight is on 5 new models, all classic creations by this Milanese company: iconic Brera loafers, traditional and asymmetric Oxford shoes, double buckles and boots. A common thread is the colour ebony, which is hand-painted by Fratelli Rossetti’s master craft workers. Two techniques have been used: the Toledo process, which involves applying colour directly onto unfinished leather to create a “glossy” effect; and the Liverpool method, during which colour is removed from the leather and then applied again, to give very rich shades.
The Toledo technique has also been used on suede and on the ultimate model, craft-/hand painted crocodile.

The presentation will take place during Milan Men’s Fashion Week against the spellbinding backdrop of historically beautiful? Palazzo Visconti. The Golden Swing Society dance company will add a vibrant touch as they move to the beat of the Four On Six Band. A highlight of the set design will be played by the woven furnishings of Impagliando, whose “handmade talents” have been showcased by Fratelli Rossetti’s New Artisan project.

Fratelli Rossetti was founded in 1953 by the visionary genius Renzo Rossetti in Parabiago, just outside Milan. At the time, a national fashion industry was just beginning to develop in Italy. The company is now run by the brothers Diego, Luca and Dario from the second generation of the family. With their dedication and devotion, they have taken the company to its 60th anniversary and beyond, with a constant focus on quality at all times. Over the years, the brand has become synonymous with style in Italy and across the globe. It embodies the values of unparalleled craftsmanship.