Men’s Collection
Fall-Winter 2017

January 2016 – Fratelli Rossetti is aiming to revolutionize the concept of classicism by producing loafers that have a traditional appearance combined with a substantial three-layer sole. The volumes and colours are inspired by the quintessential style of Nordic countries.

There are three clearly visible layers in the sole: a leather welt, a coloured micro midsole and a treaded base. The midsole that forms the second layer always matches the colour of the upper, which is exclusively painted by hand using the Toledo technique. The colours of autumn woods and Nordic landscapes feature prominently. The footwear is adorned with the dark green of forests, the blue/violet of Scandinavian skies, the rocky tones of fjords and the shades of spices such as cinnamon.

Three loafer designs have been presented: one with a stripe, one with a fringe and the timeless, iconic Brera. They all have sizeable soles and matching colours on the midsole and the upper, emphasizing the craftsmanship and quality of these exclusive products.

Fratelli Rossetti was founded in 1953 by the visionary genius Renzo Rossetti in Parabiago, just outside Milan. At the time, a national fashion industry was just beginning to develop in Italy. The company is now run by the brothers Diego, Luca and Dario from the second generation of the family. With their dedication and devotion, they have taken the company to its 60th anniversary and beyond, with a constant focus on quality at all times. Over the years, the brand has become synonymous with style in Italy and across the globe. It embodies the values of unparalleled craftsmanship.