Milano Moda Uomo SS23 Collection Preview

Launch of Brera Club, a stylish take on a classic

Milano Moda Uomo, June 2022 - Fratelli Rossetti is setting a new tone with Brera Club, a line with a nod to American colleges and country clubs, environments that combine elegance and relaxation. The star of the range is the iconic Brera loafer, whose most distinctive elements – the tassel and mirror lettering – have been reinterpreted, extrapolated and redesigned with a strongly graphic aesthetic that has made them minimalist patches and lettering that define the uppers with a new twist.

The wide-ranging, versatile “Brera Club” line consists of two different structures. The Academy version features a semi-square volume and an XL, ultralight, canneté-textured sole. The Sport model boasts the classic, balanced and refined sneaker sole with a rubber undersole.

Products with a casual, yet contemporary and sophisticated look move away from tradition when it comes to graphics and shapes, while the color palette remains more classic: blue, beige and brown.

Brera Club Academy and Brera Club Sport both bear, imprinted on the inside of the shoe, the date of Brera’s launch – 1968 – the hallmark of a history spanning over 50 years that never stops evolving.

Fratelli Rossetti, over the course of its 70-year history, has promoted small and large revolutions in the fashion world. Today, it continues its mission, combining a long tradition of craftsmanship with extensive research into innovation, while preserving the brand’s distinctive elegance. Thanks to its ability to combine contemporary design and manual techniques, Fratelli Rossetti is an international ambassador for Made in Italy and Italian style.