Milano Fashion week Women's FW Collection 20/21

Arrow: the androgynous proposal by Fratelli Rossetti

‘The Wondering city’ is the scenario for the launch of the new Autumn Winter collection

Fratelli Rossetti dedicates its presentation of the Autumn/Winter 2020/2021 collection to audacity: color complementarity and marked lines are key words of the new proposal around which Fratelli Rossetti leads the mannish winter choices. Arrow is a shoe with a strong character and embodies the androgynous trends of the upcoming winter season.
Osmosis between women's and men's collections remains one of the brand's most representative values. The concept galvanizes around the claim “Love Each Side of You”, inviting consumers to fall in love with and embrace both the masculine and feminine sides of their soul, in a single body. This has been the brand's flagship theme since the 70s, when Fratelli Rossetti first began to play with the complementariness of wardrobes: men's footwear opened up to bold experimentations in the selection of colors, leathers and finishings, whereas women's footwear became increasingly practical, essential and mannish.
The proposal for winter gravitates around the matching of intense colors which are sometimes complementary, like red and black or yellow and purple, along with a fascinating combination of materials and textures. Main focus of this winter season is “Arrow”, available in a derby or double-buckle version, for a provocative and bold look created by its tapered toe. “Brera”, the iconic loafer with tassels, is reinterpreted with fabrics and embroidery that makes it the main protagonist completed with "carved" finishings which gives to the loafer three-dimensionality and volume. The monk strap and boot with the large fringe and chunky sole are also interesting, combining the practicality of a typical winter sole with the sophisticated look of a two-tone contrast. The Fratelli Rossetti lace-up features a tricolored destructured “boho-chic” reinterpretation, characterized by soft and minimal lines which exalt color combinations. Representative details abound in the new season, including tassels, large fringes and contrasting pick stitching.
The presentation of the new collection is set in an imaginary city, ‘The Wondering City’: Man-Woman dualism is mirrored in the contrast between fantasy and reality. A glimpse of hectic everyday life in the city is transformed into a surreal and dream-like scenario which calls into question gender identity canons. Men and women populate the modern metropolis in harmony and complementarity, exhibiting themselves in an artistic performance.